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Psst… We’re sharing our top 10 must-have interior design coffee table books!

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I see amazing photos of living rooms in magazines and realize that they all have one thing in common: Amazingly styled coffee tables! How do I get the look?

You’re absolutely right! Styling is an art… and it’s what takes a living room from pretty to photo-perfect.

Magazines photos are highly stylized and edited and don’t often reflect how one lives. There are, however, a few tricks that I can share for creating stylish, photo-worthy vignettes at home.

The easiest and most effective way to create a striking vignette is to amass a curated collection of coffee table books.

A visually interesting display is one with varying heights and dimensions.

Hardcover books serve as the base of a gathering; they allow you to create stacks of varying heights from which to perch interesting objects, bouquets and conversation pieces.

So, to get you started…




  interior design book by allegra hicks

Stack, Layer, Adorn…

Happy reading and happy styling!

Erika Floysvik is the Founder and Principal Designer of FIA Interiors, a boutique design firm in the heart of Toronto. A Designer for over a decade, Erika works collaboratively with her clients to create livable, personal, design. Visit her website at www.fiainteriors.com

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