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I’ve always admired homes with interesting art collections. Can you give me some tips on starting my own collection?


There’s almost nothing that I love more than art. An interesting art collection adds life to a home and is the perfect way to make a personal statement. Building a collection is a personal journey that will keep you hunting and inspired for years to come.


1. DON’T RUSH. If your walls have been bare for years, then they won’t mind being bare for a little longer. Buying art is a journey and it takes time to find pieces that speak to you…and to your wallet! Buying artwork is an investment, but beyond cost, it’s a reflection of who you are and where you’re in your life. Be patient and wait for the right piece. A slowly built collection will be more meaningful than one that is purchased in haste.

2. BUY ONLY WHAT YOU LOVE. A piece of art is something that you will look at everyday and it will fill a good percentage of your home’s real estate (walls), so buy what you love. When you find the right piece, you will know it. It’s like love at first sight! I’ve never regretted buying a piece of art that I’ve loved, but I’ve lamented the ones I’ve lost out on (sigh).

3. ENJOY THE SEARCH. Half of the fun of buying art is looking for it! Every city around the globe celebrares art so, check out the local art scene when travelling. If you’re in Toronto, venture out to some of these hot spots:

Art Battle – I LOVE this concept. Artists take centre stage in an ‘art battle’ and are given 20 minutes to paint against their contemporaries. Winners move up in rounds until on artist is crowned crowd favourite. All art is auctioned at the end of the night. http://artbattle.ca/

Canvas Art Gallery – Housed within GH Johnson and run my owners Mark and Megan, this gallery is a gem. They specialize in contemporary art and photography – all by Canadian Artists! I’ve been a loyal patron for years.

Art Festivals & Auctions – Every summer we see a new art fair creep onto the scene. Annual Toronto favourites are:


Student Fairs – The talent that is coming out of degree art programs is outstanding. In Toronto, check out the OCAD Annual Graduate Exibition. Buying art from emerging artisits not only supports budding careers, but you may find yourself with a piece worth a mint some day!

4.  DON’T WORRY IF IT DOESN’T MATCH. It’s very common for people to buy artwork (especially large focal pieces) that match their decor. While matching art to furnishing makes for a great magazine photo, remember the tips above. If you happen to find a piece of art that you LOVE and that matches your decor, then it may be the right choice. Once your collection expands, the only thing you will want to match is your spirit.

5. THINK BEYOND OIL & CANVAS. Artwork doesn’t have to be paint on canvas. Some of my favourite collectables are: photography, found art (a. k. a objects, like signane, that have been abandoned), sculpture, silk screens and framed artifacts. Be adventurous and use your walls as a canvas to adorn with objects that make you happy.

Happy hunting and collecting!

Erika Floysvik is the Founder & Principal Designer of FIA Interiors, a boutique design firm in the heart of Toronto. A designer for over a decade, Erika works collaboratively with her clients to create livable, personal, design. Visit her website at www.fiainteriors.com.

Are you wondering how your art collection factors in when selling your home? Contact at info@christinecowern.com or 416-291-7372.

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