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Psst! We’re sharing tips on how to pick the right chandelier for your dining room.


I’m in the market for a dining room chandelier and am stuck on what direction to take. My West-end home is a Victorian but my style is contemporary. What style of fixture should I look for?

I love this question! I’ve just returned home from Venice, Italy, the last leg of our European summer vacation. One of our stops along the way, was to a trip to Murano.

The ISLAND OF MURANO is a short 25-minute water taxi (Vaporetto) ride from the main island and is infamous for its glass blown chandeliers.

Watching the craftsman (who were sweating buckets in the extreme heat) blow, fire and polish each delicate piece of glass was awe-inspiring.

A brief history…
Glass blowers established foundries on the island of Murano in 1291.

Through innovation and a close guard on trade secrets, Murano craftsmen held a monopoly on glass production until the end of the 16th century.

Still today, artisans on the island employ century-old glass blowing techniques and create some of the finest glass available worldwide.

To ensure that you receive an authentic piece, the most prolific factories trademark their product, certifying that your chandler is a product of the island of Murano.

The question of whether a chandelier should COMPLEMENT OR JUXTAPOSE the architecture of your home is a personal one.

There are NO WRITTEN RULES that one must follow.

Having said that, I love the mood and sensibility created by MIXING STYLES & PERIODS.

If your dining room scheme is predominantly contemporary, a traditional or romantic chandelier balances best.

If your design scheme marries both transitional and traditional furnishings (e.g. Antique table with upholstered Parson chairs), opt for a contemporary light fixture.

BONUS TIP: Unless you are going for an eclectic look, avoid mixing more than two periods of furniture or fixtures in one room.


Shades of Light aqua Murano Glass Chandelier
If a traditional chandelier feels too serious, try one in a bold colour! Sold through Fia Interiors.

Crystal Orb Chandelier
This fixture by Restoration Hardware is HOT right now. It’s the new take on traditional chandeliers.

Comet chandelier at Horchow
I love the whimsy and romance of this www.horchow.com fixture!

Rare pair of Murano glass chandeliers by Barovier e Toso | From a unique collection of antique and modern chandeliers and pendants  at http://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/lighting/chandeliers-pendant-lights/
Murano Glass in Contemporary form. Sold through Fia Interiors.

Modern Chandelier.
Lindsay Adler’s Glass Blown Bubble Chandelier – Sold through Hollace Cluny

Dining light
This mix of modern form & traditional finish is the perfect balance.

Erika Floysvik is the Founder and Principal Designer of FIA Interiors, a boutique design firm in the heart of Toronto. A Designer for over a decade, Erika works collaboratively with her clients to create livable, personal, design. Visit her website at www.fiainteriors.com

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