With over 100,000 licensed real estate agents in Canada and over 40% located in the GTA, we can see why consumers are confused. After all, agents are all the same and will give you the same level of care, honesty and expertise, right?


Hiring the wrong agent will have a dramatic impact on the success of your purchase or sale, the amount of money you save or make and your overall experience. Would you rather have average service and an average result or exceptional service and an exceptional result?

The statistics speak for themselves. Close to 70% of all agents with the Toronto Real Estate Board sold six homes or less in 2016 and close to 40% sold one home or no homes at all (Source: IMS Incorporated). By the time they’ve paid their brokerage fees, dues and necessary expenses like car and phone, based on the average commission rate and working 40 hours a week, that means that the majority of agents make just over $14/hour, which is only a few dollars more than minimum wage.

Do you think that these agents or worse, part-timers who are juggling other jobs, will give your purchase or sale the time, energy and resources that you deserve?

At The Christine Cowern Team, we aim higher. Much higher. Our goal is to give you a level of service that sets us apart.

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