Do you trust the sale of your home to just anyone?

Our guess is that the answer is no. Selling your Toronto home is a huge step for anyone. However we still see dozens of properties listed every month by agents who haven’t spent a dime on marketing (cell phone pictures anyone?), couldn’t negotiate their way out of a paper bag, and are costing their clients thousands of dollars in lost profits because they lack the expertise and resources to do the job right.

But how did this happen?

It happened because, with so many agents out there, many consumers assume that we’re all the same and that anyone who has a real estate license must be an expert in the Toronto market. They also assume that if it’s a seller’s market and homes are selling quickly that they don’t need a full-service agent who spends money on things like staging, social media exposure, marketing, etc.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth when selling your Toronto home successfully:

That’s why we still see properties selling for thousands – and sometimes tens of thousands – of dollars less than they’re worth because the seller hired an average, part-time or discount agent. Don’t be that guy (or gal).

And don’t believe a discount/cash back agent who claims to offer full service. If they spent the kind of money that we do on our listings, they wouldn’t be able to stay in business. Something always gives – and it’s always the service.

What’s the alternative to bland marketing and lacklustre service when it comes to selling your Toronto home? Hire us. Why? Because we sell our client’s homes 21.95% faster than the average agent and for a whopping $47,876 more per home sold (source: IMS Incorporated)

Don’t be shy, say hello today.

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Slide to see the before & after transformation.

Our FULL service Premium Package (with no hidden costs or fees) means that we pay for:

  • Professional photography (check out some samples here)
  • Staging (check out some before and afters here)
  • Professional print materials (check out a sample here)
  • Professional virtual tours & videos
  • Professional floor plans (check out a sample here)
  • Professional cleaning of your property prior to going on the market
  • Full access to our kickass in-house Client Care Services
  • A pre-listing home inspection for homes
  • A status certificate for condos

It gets better:
Not only that but we also have a kickass Marketing Coordinator that focuses 100% of their time and energy on getting as many eyeballs on your Toronto property as possible (through targeted marketing campaigns, social media blasting, etc.). This way, we can focus our time on buyers who want to see your home, agents who want to show your home, selling your Toronto home for the most money possible and YOU (we stay in close touch with you every step of the way).

Do you want your agent to be average or exceptional?

Our goal is to give you a level of service that you’ll never forget and to make selling your Toronto home as profitable and seamless as possible. How do we do it? By providing service that aims higher than everyone else.