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The Vibe

Dufferin Grove is a very family oriented neighbourhood near downtown Toronto where community matters the most.

The Story

Dufferin Grove was once home to the Denison family in the late 1700s, who emigrated from England. They were a very famous military family that built cottage like homes in the area, which are still standing to this day. The land surrounding their property was used primarily for cropping because of its fertile state. After World War II, housing became the families primary focus, thus the clearing of the crops lead to building homes to suit the growing population. The move from cropping to creating residential areas is what created the Dufferin Grove area as we know it today. Many of the semis and detached homes in this area are much larger than the majority of homes found in the downtown area. The architectural style of homes consists of Edwardian, Victorian and English style cottages. Dufferin Grove is very green and rich with huge trees, large gardens and is known to have some of the largest yards. As of recently, the Dufferin Grove real estate has received a lot of media coverage for revitalizing the area and creating a strong sense of community pride!

The Convenience

The locals refer to it as the “big backyard” where everyone can play in harmony with one another. The community park which is very popular amongst the locals was the pivotal anchor of change. The community centre has no walls, the idea that any and everyone can come and enjoy is what the community strives towards. Everyone is welcome to enjoy Dufferin Grove Park as it has a community bake oven, camp fire, vegetable garden and much more. Dufferin Grove has a very good school system in place as well, which makes this area so attractive to young families. The Dufferin mall is very popular to the locals as it has well over 100 retail outlets, many amenities and a youth centre where they can enjoy story telling, arts and crafts and various youth programs. Along the College, Dundas and Bloor line, you can find plentiful shopping to suit everyone’s needs. An existence of an excellent transit system in this area as it only takes 5-10 minutes to get downtown by car.

The Residents

There is a large Portuguese presence within Dufferin Grove real estate. The majority of the residents are older families mixed in with young families as the area is known for being a very family oriented neighbourhood.

The Best Part

Dufferin Grove has a very strong sense of pride and there is always something to do for the family. You can enjoy the small community feel just minutes away from downtown.

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