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East York is an unassuming Toronto neighbourhood offering an eclectic collection of homes, sleepy streets and proximity to a quirky stretch of the Danforth. It's a friendly, diverse community slowly coming into its own with funkier shops, interesting restaurants and plenty of parks and schools.

The Story

East York is located north of the Danforth on what was known as “Glebe” land, originally owned by the Church of England. The land was finally annexed to the city in 1908, and its original ownership is still reflected in the street names Glebeholme and Glebemount.

With the construction of the Bloor-Danforth Viaduct in 1918, East York became more accessible allowing it to officially become established in 1924. It offered comfortable housing to the blue-collar workers employed at the local market gardens and brickyards as well as World War I vets who occupied the inexpensive homes built by the government.

By the end of World War II as demand for East York real estate grew, the neighbourhood almost doubled in size between 1946 and 1961. The growth created the unique collection of charming bungalows, fully detached two-stories and interesting semi-detached homes that remain in the area today.

Throughout most of its history, East York had bragging rights as the only borough in Canada until it was forced to amalgamate with the GTA in 1998. It is a little-known fact that as a borough, East York banned serving alcohol in restaurants well into the 1970’s which is why you still find a large collection of watering holes established along the Danforth to attract thirsty neighbours. The area’s ability to have remained a borough so long is a nod to the community’s desire to maintain its small-town feel which can still be spotted in the little “village” shopping areas such as Old East York Village on Coxwell north of Mortimer and Woodbine Village on Woodbine north of Sammon.

Landmarks such as the Century Schoolhouse on Sammon, just west of Coxwell and Todmorden Mills Heritage Site located at the foot of Mortimer/Pottery Road offer glimpses into the past. Today, many of the original homes are being rebuilt or torn down to make way for modern customized homes which are changing the face of the neighbourhood.

The Convenience

East York is conveniently located minutes away from the Don Valley Parkway and the Bloor-Danforth subway line. It offers schools, community centres, and three respectable shopping centres within easy driving distance. In the know locals prefer to frequent the boutique shops and family run restaurants, cafes and services at the heart of this thriving community along the Danforth, in the “Villages” as well as the main streets of East York.

It is also home to the award-winning Michael Garron Hospital which has provided superior health care to the community since it opened its doors as East General in 1929. The green of Taylor Creek Park runs from Don Mills Road to Dawes Road offering the ideal playground for cycling, running and family activities.

The Residents

East York real estate was originally populated by English immigrants who were proud to own the small homes and plots of land which allowed for private gardens. It now has one of the largest retired populations in the

GTA with seniors still occupying the original homes where they raised their families. As houses change hands, the younger families moving in bring a diverse multi-cultural vibe adding to the interesting attraction of this highly adaptive area. The trend of renovated and rebuilt customized homes within East York real estate has drawn more professionals to the area helping to attract a more diverse selection of shops and restaurants

The Best Part

Sammon Avenue for its annual Canada Day Parade and old school convenience stores. Taylor Creek Park for its shady green summers and riot of colours in the fall. The fact that there are lots of fixer uppers but the old homes still have so much charm. The peace of the unchaotic side streets.

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