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The Vibe

Parkdale is a vibrant neighbourhood on the rise through positive reinforcements and social development. The sense of community is so inherent amongst the residents, which makes it such a beautiful diamond in the rough.

The Story

Located in the west end of Toronto’s cityscape is Parkdale, which was once one of Toronto’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. When the Gardiner Expressway was built in the 1950s, there seemed to be a shift in community moral as this once prominent area was now cut off from Lake Ontario by a highway. Some would say, that the neighbourhood was never the same after that.

Parkdale has seen its fair share of struggles, but in the last decade or so, it’s been in a transitional stage towards the positive. South Parkdale real estate is considered to be one of Toronto’s most diverse neighbourhoods in the GTA, due to the universal array of housing options. As a result, there is a wonderful mix of ethnic and social classes. There’s an eclectic mix of affordable housing ranging from Victorian mansions to high-rise rental apartments.

Along the main roads, you can find tree-lined streets with beautifully decorated planters with black and white photos of past and current residents. The project was created by Jim Bravo and photographer Kate Young to enhance the public morale through street art. Condominiums are yet to be built to change the physical appearance of Parkdale but that seems to be heading more westward.

The Convenience

You can find some of Toronto’s most dynamic shopping districts located on Queen St. West, which is walking distance from Parkdale where you can find Indie cafes, trendy restaurants and many independent art galleries. Jameson Avenue is known for having very wide sidewalks, therefore making it the most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood in the GTA. Known for its high amount of cyclists, people that walk to work, an excellent public transit system, culture and recreation. You are just a hop, skip and a jump away from Toronto’s waterfront parks which have amazing play areas for everyone of every age. Parkdale is primarily residential with detached, semi-detached, most of them being, Victorian style that have been repurposed to suit multifamily homes to accommodate the growing population. In the 1970s, South Parkdale real estate saw a boom in apartment high rises in the vicinity and surrounding area. Parks and parkettes can also be found, one such well-known park to the locals is Masaryk-Cowan Park features a community garden and easy access to Sunnyside Beach.

The Residents

The residents really care about their neighbourhood and have put together a group called “The Parkdale Community Watch”. Recently, the neighbourhood watch group won an award from the International Society of Crime Prevention for being the best neighbourhood watch in the GTA.

The Best Part

Parkdale is in a transient stage to become one of Toronto’s up and coming neighbourhoods!

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