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In just a 10-minute ferry ride across Lake Ontario, is a world of tree-lined green spaces, quiet and quaint cottage style homes is a car-less beachfront called The Islands. Toronto’s own island community offers an array of family packed activities and a spectacular view!

The Story

The Islands is a small island chain in the Toronto harbour, also known as, “Toronto Island Park”. Where cottage style homes from the early 1900s, is home to about 250 families. Through storms and sand coercion the Islands is a product of Mother Nature herself. The Islands is made up of 3 major islands, namely Centre, Ward’s & Algonquin with paths, boardwalks and bridges connecting them which makes travelling from one end to other very easy. There are 7 other small islands that are also a part of this island community. The Islands is the largest urban car-free community in North America where only a handful of utility vehicles are allowed on to its shores. Buying a house on The Island is very unique. There is no option for bidding wars, your name is placed on a list and you are given the option to buy, if you should pass, the next person in line is given the same options.

The Convenience

It only takes a 10-minute ferry ride to get to the island. You can catch the ferry at the foot of Bay Street and the Queens Quay. The fare is reasonably priced at $7 for adults, $4.50 for students and $3.50 for children. Water taxis are also available but at a more expensive rate. There’s a canoe taxi where people are provided with paddles and everyone is required to help paddle their way across from the mainland. The islands are all connected and can be accessed by foot in a matter of hours or you can always rent a bicycle and bike over as well. Centre Island is an amusement park that is open during the summer that features rides, pony rides and a historical carousel. Centreville is also a very popular attraction for the young ones, with rides and a small petting zoo. Far Enough Farms is home to 40 exotic species and birds that is open open in the summer months. You won’t go hungry on The Islands, as there are several places to dine in or out. You can find bed and breakfast places located on the islands, if escaping the city for the weekend, is your thing. In the summer there is tons to do. You can take your pick of paddle boats, bike, skate on designated skate paths and plenty of greenery and parks for island picnics. Picturesque cottage homes with just as beautiful gardens inhabit the Islands. On the beaches you can always find a fixer upper, if home renovations is your forte. Keep in mind, that the schools do not go over grade 6 and there are no grocery stores, but islanders are so used to going back and forth on the ferry, it really isn’t an issue for some.

The Residents

As there are only 250 families that inhabit The Island real estate, the community is very close-knit. There exists families that have lived there for generations along with young families wanting to live a life near a beach without sacrificing urban living.

The Best Part

The best part?  It’s car-free! Park your car on the mainland and take a ride across Toronto’s inner harbour, as the skyline is definitely worth the trip!

Are you thinking about calling The Islands your new home?

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