The rental market in Toronto can be a bit of a gong show.

If you’re a tenant, you could end up competing for your rental of choice with a multitude of other people vying for the same unit and if you’re a landlord with a great property you could face countless hours of work organizing showings, screening tenants and answering questions about the unit, the area, the price and more.

Let us help! 

With years of experience working with both tenants and landlords in Toronto and the GTA, we have the inside track on the best rental listings in Toronto, what you need to do to compete for a rental property and the resources to take a huge amount of work off your plate if you’re a landlord. 

Landlord Services

Are you on the hunt for A+ tenants for your awesome rental property? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll take on all of the work to find you a stellar tenant so that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the perks of passive income. 

Our landlord services include:

  • How to Price Your Rental Property – we’ll give you expert guidance on how to price your property correctly based on our knowledge of your area and our research on what comparable properties are renting for in your area or condo building
  • MLS & Exposure – 52,000 agents across Toronto and the GTA have access to MLS and gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors A DAY
  • Professional Photography – we’ll pay to professionally photograph your rental property regardless of whether it’s a basement apartment in Parkdale or a 3,000 square foot loft in Yorkville
  • Marketing Your Rental – our effort to exposure your listing to as many eyeballs as possible doesn’t stop at MLS & We’ll also feature your listing on our website, social media and popular rental websites like Craigslist and Kijiji.
  • Listing Management – from prospective tenant questions to showing coordination, we’ll do it all. You just need to give us a key, we’ll put a lockbox on the property and handle the rest.
  • Tenant Qualification & Screening – we’ll request everything we need to satisfy you that your new tenant has been thoroughly vetted including verifying all of the information they
    rovide, calling references and confirming their income and employment status.

What’s the cost?

One month’s rent + HST. Half of that goes to us and the other half goes to the agent who’s representing the tenant. 

Are you ready to hire us or have questions? Contact us to get started.

Tenant Services

Renting a condo or home in Toronto in your price point and preferred location can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If it’s a strong Toronto rental market with lots of tenant competition it can be even worse. 

Having a dedicated sales representative to organize showings, make sure you’re positioned as strongly as possible to compete, negotiate the price and terms of your lease and save you time by only showing you the cream of the crop will save you countless hours, lots of headaches and most importantly your sanity.

*Note that we show MLS properties only not private rentals 

We vet every tenant that contacts us to ensure that we can set you up for success in your rental search. What do you need to rent?:

  • Have a great credit rating
  • Have glowing references
  • Have strong employment income
  • A budget higher than $3,500/month
  • You’re looking for a rental in Central Toronto

What’s the cost of Renting in Toronto?

FREE. You heard us right. We get compensated by the landlord for all MLS listed properties. The only thing that we’ll need from you is a signed agreement that we’ll be representing you exclusively.

Are you ready to hire us or have questions? Contact us to get started.