Congratulations, you’ve bought a property! What’s next?

Don’t worry, we’ve put together this handy checklist to make sure that nothing gets missed.

  • Certify your deposit cheque and deliver it/have us deliver it to the listing brokerage (be sure to obtain a receipt)
  • We send a copy of your signed Agreement of Purchase & Sale to your lawyer as soon as possible. If you don’t have a lawyer, choose one now. We work with fantastic real estate lawyers so if you need a recommendation just give us a buzz. Carefully review all fees and disbursements, land transfer tax, mortgage deductions, adjustments and other closing costs with your lawyer
  • If you have conditions to fulfill such as home inspection, financing, status certificate review for condo’s, etc. we will start working with on these
  • Send your approved mortgage application to your lawyer
  • If buying a condo, call the management office to book an elevator for moving day
  • If you’re a first-time home buyer and you plan to use funds from your RRSP’s as part of your down payment, the funds must have been contributed at least 90-days prior to withdrawal
  • If you’re a tenant, notify your landlord of your move out date and give them required notice (this is typically 60 days but can vary)
  • Ask your insurance agent to draw up a “binder letter” before closing showing the name of your insurance company, the amount of coverage, it’s expiration date, and the name of any lenders in the loss payable clause. Coverage should be for the full insurable value of the building only (not the land) on a replacement cost basis. Don’t have an insurance agent? Click here for our list of recommended home insurance companies
  • It’s your job to contact the telephone, cable TV company, water, hydro and gas departments to have the meters read on closing and new accounts set up in your name with final bills sent to the Seller. We recommend that you start this process as soon as possible and call again to verify this has been done a few days prior to closing
  • Arrange for your move as early as possible. If you’re doing the packing yourself, get more boxes than you think you’ll need, and plan for extra time
  • Arrange to review and sign all closing documents with your lawyer a few days before closing. At that time, you should also deliver the necessary funds for closing
  • The funds should be certified and made payable to your lawyer/notary in trust. Be sure to get information about any payments due shortly after closing. such as mortgage payments, property taxes (and condominium maintenance fees if you’re purchasing a condo)

After Closing Checklist

Before you face the task of unpacking, here are some important things to do.

  • Obtain the emergency numbers for police, fire, ambulance, hospitals and poison control centers in your area
  • Start a “new home” journal. Record the names, addresses, account numbers, dates and amounts you have to pay monthly including your mortgage, utilities, taxes and condo maintenance fees, if applicable
  • Call your nearest municipal office for the days of garbage and recycling pick-up
  • Contact your lawyer to arrange to pick up the interest on your offer deposit (if applicable) and all closing documents
  • Determine the best home security system for you and install it
  • Locks on exterior doors should ideally be replaced or re-keyed
  • Change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Property taxes can fluctuate so it’s smart to put three months’ worth of property taxes in your tax account with your bank to avoid any large increase monthly payments to a shortfall in your tax account

Good Ideas Before Your Move

  • Get organized before you move!  Get rid of any unnecessary items.  A great, free service is through Diabetes Canada, you can schedule a free pick up.  They accept small household & electronic items, gently used clothing, footwear and toys (Online Service Available) LINK HERE
  • Organize a moving company-Don’t overlook moving company reviews and doing your homework before choosing a mover.  Be sure they’re licensed, insured & trustworthy!  *If possible, try and book a mid-week, mid-month moving date; this will help to keep the cost of the move down
  • Request moving days off work!
  • Start “eating down” the fridge and freezer, to move less frozen and perishable items *Defrost your freezer if it’s moving with you.
  • Purchase moving supplies such as; moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labels and permanent markers
  • Get the measurements of the new home & measure your furniture to make sure everything will fit according to plans
  • Pack a “first night box” containing things like: change of clothing, p.j’s, medications, basic toiletries, towels, bed linen, coffee/tea *Don’t forget your furbaby’s needs if you have a pet!
  • Prepare an “un-packing box” containing things like:  Allen keys, scissors, screwdrivers, masking tape, dust cloths, labelled Ziplock bags with screws and pieces from dismantled furniture and any tools you may need
  • Make a folder for important documents like: medical and dental records, school records, insurance and home warranty policies, financial statements, passports, ID & closing documents *Keep this with you or somewhere safe during the chaos of the move
  • Have a plan for your children & pets!

Good Ideas After Your Move

  • Have spare keys cut
  • Reprogram/secure garage door openers
  • Test the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • Have the heating and cooling units serviced
  • Replace old air filters

Don’t Forget

  • Change Address-Driver’s Licence & Health Card (Online service Available) LINK HERE
  • Complete and send “change of address” forms to your cell phone provider, car insurance/registration, bank, credit cards, insurance companies, subscriptions, pet insurance, etc (these can be picked up at your local post office)
  • For a small charge, you can also arrange for your mail to be rerouted to your new home. Canada Post-Mail Forwarding Service (Online Service Available) LINK HERE
  • Setup new phone/internet provider, hydro, utilities, home insurance
  • Contact your doctor/dental office and have your family’s medical records forwarded to your new doctor’s office
  • Organize your children’s school records and have them sent to your new school

On your closing day you should expect to get a call from your lawyer’s office that your new property has closed and the keys are ready for pick up between 1-5pm. Each lawyer’s office differs so please confirm the process and timing with your lawyer.

Don’t forget that our Client Care Concierge will be able to help with some of this list! For a refresher on these services click here. To reach our Client Care Concierge directly email or call 289-795-4429.

Happy closing!

Christine & team

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