Downsizing Tips and Tricks!

Downsizing has it’s advantages, but the process of getting yourself ready to move into a smaller space sure has it’s downsides! For the average downsize, experts suggest keeping only one-third to one-half of your belongings.

Check Out Our Helpful Downsizing Tips

So, with all your stuff – where do you start? Here’s our Top 5 Downsizing Tips:

1. Write a list of all the items you love and can’t live without.

This will help you bid adieu to things that didn’t make your list.

2. Start thinning out your belongings at least 6 months before the move – the earlier the better!

Take some time each day, or one evening each week, to go through that jammed coat closet or overflowing filing cabinet. Photos and paperwork require extra attention so commit extra time for weeding through them.

3. Get a feel for the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your present home.

For instance, your living-room-to-be might be roughly the size of your current bedroom. You may think you can squeeze in two sofas, but this kind of reality check could help you realize that only one will fit comfortably.

4. Heavily edit areas with items that don’t have much sentimental value.

Take the kitchen, for example; most people don’t need 10 mixing bowls and won’t get teary-eyed over losing a second spatula. If you’re downsizing from a house to a condo, target the garage. Think snow shovels, lawn mowers and ladders – you won’t need any of these items in your new condo!

5. Use floor plans to pre-arrange your furniture before the move.

This is another useful reality check. To start, draw plans (if your don’t have any), and sketch in a furniture layout. Then look at the plans realistically; if you’ve crammed in side tables, armoires and chairs, you need to edit more. Don’t wait until after you move to content with furnitire you’ll end up tripping over!

Proper planning is the key to any successful move but downsizing requires just a little more effort! Recruit help from family and friends who will give you an objective opinion about your ‘Keep Pile’!

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