Ah, open houses. They’re a surprisingly polarizing topic among real estate agents, many of whom swear by them and an equal number who would rather set their own house on fire than have to host one. But do open houses work?

The latter opinion has always perplexed us. So you don’t want to meet a buyer who could end up purchasing your listing or work with you to purchase another property that’s a better fit for their needs? And you’re in sales, right?

Any agent who tells you that open houses won’t help to sell your home, doesn’t know how to effectively host an open house or has never sold their listing through an open house before. We have.

Yes, statistically the chances are higher than a buyer who’s seen your home through a private showing with their agent will end up purchasing your home. But if there’s an even 1% chance that the right buyer could find your property through an open house than isn’t it worth the time it will take your agent to host one?

By not doing an open house for your property you’re minimizing the chance to sell your home and expose it to as many people as possible.

Check Out Our Helpful Tips

So do open houses work or not, can depend a lot on whos hosting.  Here are some tips to ensure your home is ready for it’s time to shine!

  1. Is your property open house ready? Has it been cleaned, floors washed, dishes cleared off the counter, kitty litter cleaned and put away? If not, it should be. After all you’ll likely only get one chance to make a first impression on buyers.
  2. Is the agent hosting the open house prepared? We’ve walked into many an open house where the listing agent has a colleague doing their open house and that colleague can’t answer any questions about the home. That’s a big no no.
  3. Is the agent focusing on your home? Some agents will use your open house as an opportunity to promote their other listings. That’s not what they’re getting paid for.
  4. Have you removed all valuables? Because people do walk into open houses off the street, they’re less vetted than buyers who book in private showings to see your home. That’s why we always recommend hiding all valuables like jewellery, electronics and collectors items.
  5. Is the agent generating exposure for your open house? Over and above street signs, your open house should be advertised on Realtor.ca, the agent’s website and on social media at a bare minimum. That’s not including open house signs, which should be strategically located at the closest highly trafficked intersections.
  6. Take a walk! Just as with showings of your property it’s also best that you’re not present during the open house. As a seller you may experience hurt feelings from questions or comments made by potential buyers at the open house!


Are you thinking of listing your home and wondering how an open house may help?

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