Tara Lee Crooks

Managing Partner & CEO of Getting It Done

I’ve had my eyes on being a real estate boss since I was 19 and I started investing in my first real estate projects. From there, the only way forward was up, and as the Managing Partner here at The Christine Cowern Team, I’m proud to be an integral part of the vision, mission and growth. 

When it comes to sparking innovation and making sure our team is levelling up in every aspect of our business, we take a collaborative approach so that everyone is working within their unique abilities and servicing our clients at the highest level.

I apply the same high-energy positive attitude to my client interactions, helping clients achieve their dream of home ownership and building wealth through real estate. 

A creative at heart, I know the value of listening to others and remaining open and confident in even the most difficult of situations. My kindness, patience, and passion for clients make me one of the most valuable real estate agents to have on your side. I’m always honoured to be assisting in such an important journey. 

As a woman managing a team of women, I’m beyond proud to empower women homeowners and entrepreneurs alike.  

It’s not all business for me. My calm and measured approach to my work spreads into my personal life where I try to strike the perfect balance between work, family, and my 2 fur babies.

Tara's Client Reviews

We had a great experience with the Christine Cowern team. Tara met with us originally to help us find the perfect match on her team. We worked with Candace and she was awesome – super patient with all of our questions as first time home owners and we found a great home! Lori has been […]

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