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The Real Estate Facts:

Since the late 1800’s, The Annex has been recognized as one of the elite neighbourhoods of Toronto and has attracted all walks of life. Originally lined with Mansions and bigger Victorian style homes, many were converted to multi-unit homes as well as mid and low-rise residential buildings in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Recently, most of these homes have been converted back to the original single family homes they once were. On average a 3 bedroom detached home is $1,500,000 and 15 years ago it was one third of the price at $550,000! With public transit, schools, parks, restaurants and bars only becoming more easily accessible, it’s hard to believe that the price of these homes will decrease any time soon.

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Located between Bathurst Street and Avenue Road traveling east-west and Bloor Street to Dupont Street traveling north-south, The Annex is known for its student friendly atmosphere. With the University of Toronto just steps away from the neighbourhood, the selection of various bars, restaurants and cafes in the area are a dime a dozen. The neighbourhood is also known to attract artsy types as well as business professionals due to its urban atmosphere and nightlife.

Why is the Annex such a desirable neighbourhood in Toronto? We’ll tell you why!

The Nightlife – If you’re looking for a fun night out on the town, look no further! In The Annex you’ll find a wide range of bars and clubs from Irish Pubs to sophisticated wine bars. The Annex is definitely one of the best places to be on a Saturday night. What are some of our favourite bars and clubs in The Annex?

Brunswick House – 481 Bloor St W (Brunswick & Bloor)
Madison Avenue Pub – 14 Madison Ave (Madison & Bloor)
Dance Cave – 529 Bloor St  – (Bagpipe Lane & Bloor)

The Food – With such a mass variety of restaurants, eateries, and cuisines you’ll never go home unsatisfied. You’ll find everything from Sushi to Thai food. Some people will even argue that The Annex provides some of the city’s best pub food available! What are some of our favourite spots to eat in the Annex?

Southern Accent– 595 Markham St (Markham & Bloor)
La Libre – 14 Dupont St (Avenue & Dupont)
Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – 368 Bloor St W (Brunswick & Bloor)

Parks – if it’s not the nightlife or the food that attract people to The Annex, it’s definitely the greenery and parks. In a city with many high rise buildings, it’s hard to find a quiet neighbourhood with lots of trees and green space. What is our favourite park in The Annex?

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Christie Pits of course! This is a great park located right on Bloor Street West. With baseball diamonds, basketball courts, a soccer/football field, ice rink, splash pad, community garden and multiple picnic areas offered, what more could you ask for from a park?

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