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Parking permits are required for street parking throughout many residential neighbourhoods in Toronto. This is generally seen in neighbourhoods with little available garage space or driveways. You’ll know when the Permit Parking is in effect on your street by the street signs stating ‘By Permit Only’. Parking permits allow home owners access to parking spots in their neighbourhood but they’re not exclusively owned and are not necessary in close proximity of their homes.

With a parking permit, residents can park on any street within the permit area but are not guaranteed parking as it’s a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Every location is different with its time restrictions on when you’re allowed to park. Always make sure to check signs before parking to confirm you’re parking within the right time frame. The usual regulations allow people with permits to park their cars overnight. If you don’t have a permit and decide to park your car overnight or during any other restricted time, you’ll be fined as vehicles with permits have the right to the street parking as it’s reserved for them. Keep in mind, that if a vehicle with a permit hasn’t moved locations for more than 7 days, they may be tagged or towed as they don’t have exclusive rights to the parking spot.

When purchasing a parking permit always makes sure your permit is visible and located on the driver’s side of your windshield. You must always make sure to have valid vehicle registration and validation sticker on your licence plate.

Types of Permits

6 & 12 Month Resident-Only Permits are only issued in 6 month increments but 2 are available for purchase at a time. They are issued for December 1 – May 31 and June 1 – November 30.

Temporary Resident or Visitor – These can be issued on a 24-hour, 48-hour or weekly basis.



1st Vehicle – $14.04 – $14.39 plus HS plus HST per month
2nd Vehicle – $35.13 – $36.01 plus HST per month
Have parking available but need permit for convenience – $49.18 – $50.41 plus HST per month


24 Hours – $8.60 plus HST
48 Hours – $12.90 plus HST
7 Days – $20.15 plus HST

Do you have a question about parking permits in your neighbourhood? Then give us a call at #416-291-7372. We’re happy to help!

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