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One of our favourite things about Toronto is the great selection of furniture stores set up all around the city. You’ll find everything you are looking for from vintage stores to chic and modern designer shops. With so many to choose from, it wasn’t an easy task but we were able to narrow it down to our 10 favourite. So without further ado, we give you our favourite furniture stores in Toronto!

1. Elte – 80 Ronald Avenue (Dufferin & Eglinton)
Website: https://www.elte.com/
Type of Furniture: Contemporary
Must Have: Andrew’s End Table ($625)
Elte offers two floors of fantastic designs. If you’re looking for something a little more cost conscious, check out the second level which has some great cheaper options.

2. Urban Barn (King) – 275 King Street East (Sherbourne & King)
Website: http://www.urbanbarn.com/home.do
Type of Furniture: Contemporary
Must Have: Logan Display Shelf ($299)
Providing a friendly staff and shopping experience, Urban Barn on King offers sophisticated, colourful and stylish designs.

3. Style Garage – 938 Queen Street West (Queen & Shaw)
Website: https://stylegarage.com/
Type of Furniture: Contemporary
Must Have: Graphic Pillow ($65-$95)
You’ll love the hand crafted tables that Style Garage offers that are handmade in the back workshop of the store.

4. Zig Zag – 985 Queen Street East (Carlaw & Queen)
Website:  http://www.modfurnishings.com/
Type of Furniture: Vintage
Must Have: Pilastro Work Station ($975)
Zig Zag was established in 1978 and has been operating for over 30 years. They are independently owned and operated and offer free-in home design consultations.

5. Guff – 1142 Queen Street East (Jones & Queen)
Website: http://www.guffonline.com/
Type of Furniture: Vintage
Must Have: Retro Lounge Chair ($365)
GUFF stands for Good Used Furniture Finds. They buy used furniture as well as sell and are the first company of its kind to use a weekly blog to help promote and sell product online.

Furniture 4
6. Made – 867 Dundas Street West (Bathurst & Dundas)

Website: http://www.madedesign.ca/
Type of Furniture: Contemporary
Must Have: Flying Vee Shelves ($29)
Made opened in September 2006 and has created quite a following in Toronto. They are very well known for their fabulous Canadian Designs.

7. Urban Mode – 145 Tecumseth Street (Tecumseth & Queen)
Website:  http://www.urbanmode.com/
Type of Furniture: Contemporary
Must Have: Rebecca Sofa ($1,224)
Urban Mode originally opened in 1977 as ‘The Second Story’ before becoming what it is today. The owners pride themselves on their modern, colourful and playful designs.

8. Of Things Past (Rosedale) – 1096 Yonge Street (Yonge & Roxborough)
Website:  http://www.ofthingspast.com/home/
Type of Furniture: Vintage
Must Have: Jonathan Floor Lamp ($273)
With its second location opening up in Rosedale in 2012, Of Things Past offers high quality used merchandise. Every month the items on the showroom floor will receive a price drop if not sold.

9. CB2 – 651 Queen Street West (Bathurst & Queen)
Website:  http://www.cb2.com/
Type of Furniture: Contemporary
Must Have: Principle Bench ($599)
The first of its kind, CB2 offers stylish and sustainable custom designs and storage solutions and free in-home consultations. Once the Big Bop, this historic building is now more vibrant than ever.

10. A Changing Nest – 572 Annette Street (Runnymede & Annette)
Website:  http://www.achangingnest.com
Type of Furniture: Vintage
Must Have: Custom JLC Chair ($830)
With a mix of modern and antique furniture, A Changing Nest is sure to please. They offer interior design consultations as well as full interior design services.

We definitely recommend checking out some of these great furniture stores, but don’t wait too long; you don’t want to miss out on the great selections!

If you would like to learn more about some of the best furniture stores in Toronto, give us a call we’d be happy to help! 416-572-1380

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