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The Real Estate Facts:

Over the last decade, the Danforth has seen a lot of change since it started as a lower-middle class suburb in the early 1900’s. Most homes in the Danforth area are now older 2-3 storey Victorian style homes or smaller bungalows that are being re-built into bigger homes. The Danforth is now labeled as middle to upper middle class and in return has affected the affordability of the homes in the area. On average a 3 bedroom detached home is $650,000 and 10 years ago it was almost half the price at $350,000! This is of course due to the convenient shopping and public transit that is available on the Danforth and in return has made it a very desirable area.

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Located between The Don Valley Parkway and Kingston Road traveling east-west, The Danforth is known for its multiculturalism, shopping, love of food and nightlife.

Why has it become such a desired area of the city? We’ll tell you why!

The Shopping – You’ll find almost anything you’re looking for! The Danforth has an array of boutique shops and stores, from small independent clothing stores to large pharmacies and hardware stores.  The Danforth provides locals with day to day shopping options without having to travel too far or downtown.

The Food – The Danforth is always a great place to find an endless selection of food from many cultures and ethnic backgrounds. You’ll find anything from Korean BBQ to authentic Greek food. Some of the city’s best restaurants can be found on The Danforth. Here are a few of our favourites:

Allen’s – 143 Danforth Avenue (Broadview & Danforth)
Square Boys – 875 Danforth Avenue (Jones & Danforth)
Happy Sushi – 2143 Danforth (Woodbine & Danforth)

The Night Life – If it’s not the food that attracts people to the Danforth, it’s definitely the nightlife. Right from the west end of the Danforth to the east, you’ll see countless pubs and bars from small to big. Here are a few of our favourite:

The Only Café – 972 Danforth Avenue (Donlands & Danforth)
Brass Taps – 493 Danforth Avenue (Logan & Danforth)
The Court Jester – 681 Danforth (Pape & Danforth)

Danforth Streetcar

Public Transit – Last but not least, one of the biggest draws to living in the Danforth area is the public transit. With the Bloor subway line running parallel from Broadview station to Kennedy station and the numerous amounts of buses and streetcars available, the Danforth is one of the best areas in the city for available public transit!

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