We met Christine through a friend over 7 years ago. At that time she helped us move from our condo to our starter home, which went very smoothly. We were really happy in that space, but after adding two kids and a home business to it, we decided it was time to upgrade. Naturally we called Christine again.  She was so patient with us as we looked at house after house for over a year, (sorry!) never quite sure what we wanted. She really helped us focus our vision, so that when the right house came up, we were ready to pounce.

Then it came time to sell. We were worried about the process, but Christine managed our anxiety beautifully by answering all our questions, and giving great advice. She also helped us stage the house. Her marketing efforts were amazing. The photography was beautiful, and the house seemed to be everywhere – she even managed to get an article written about us in the Globe and Mail!  We sold in less than a week and were very happy with the price we got.  We’re so grateful to know her and would recommend her work to anyone.

- Heather F. and Gabe G.
Worked With Christine