My experience with Christine and her team has been nothing short of AMAZING! I started using their services when we were selling our home last year, and the amount of effort Christine puts into her projects goes above and beyond anything I expected. We used Christine’s team to help with determining what needed to be done with the house, all the marketing material looked great, the photographer took wonderful pictures all to ensure we sold fast and did it work! Stayed on the market for no more than 2 days!

Christine and her team came over and helped us organize, declutter and stage the entire space, and then helped us with all the paper work and back and forth to ensure a hassle-free and smooth closing. Being able to sign acceptance documents over my phone was immensely appreciated too!

I was so happy with all the effort, I used Christine’s team for the purchase of my new home too, again they went above and beyond ensuring I make the right choice for my needs without any pressure from their side. And I have to say I’m was again so pleased to have them on my side.

I also could not be happier with the Mortgage Savvy team! I had the pleasure of working with Rakhee for my pre-approval and it was completed before I even knew I needed it! Rakhee did every single calculation possible to help me get the best rate that worked for me and my needs and I didn’t have to follow up with her on any of the details! She held my hand through the whole process and made sure I felt like an entire team was on my side and supporting me from start to finish. Not only is Rakhee knowledgeable and extremely professional but she is also one of the most genuine and caring people I know! I’m so glad I had her on my side while I jumped into my first investment property! I would recommend Rakhee and her team to anyone!

I have had the pleasure of working with the entire Christine Cowern team and associated network and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending their services to anyone! I’m super happy having worked with everyone and have made some really great friends along the way! 🙂

- Rejini J.
Worked With Christine, Tara