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Things are finally looking up Toronto! We’re going to see our favourite places slowly start to open just in time for summer! But right now, we still need a safe place to kick back and relax, and luckily, we can do that with a respectable group of friends as long as it’s outdoors. So if you want to make the most of what will hopefully be the last summer of the pandemic, there’s nowhere better to do it than your own outdoor space. Here’s why you need a backyard to overcome the Covid summer blues.

You Get Your Own VIP Club Line

Smaller numbers mean you can use your backyard to create your own VIP events. You don’t need to worry about hurting people’s feelings if you just have a few “close” friends or family over for drinks. It’s like having a get away with being a snob pass, like a bouncer at a hot night club. It’s all about creating quality gatherings of your favourite people to enjoy some much needed adult interaction sipping summer cocktails or homemade lemonade. Sorry Bob, we’re at full capacity tonight…

Table for 10

On the flipside, right now you’re limited to four people per table if you head to the local watering hole. In your own backyard that number rises to 10 of your closest friends. This is the best way to appreciate a gathering of the highest caliber without as many restrictions on how many people you can invite. Just remember to include yourself in the count.

No Waiting For a Seat

While the idea of sitting on an actual patio where actual servers do all the work for you is tempting, who wants to wait for a seat? Trust us, all of Toronto will be out vying for seats at the usual haunts. Meanwhile, back at home, you’ve created your own urban patio, where you might have to get your own food and drinks, but there’s no waiting in line. You can enjoy your own mask-free gathering, or chill with your own household sipping a cold glass of your go-to rosé or sharing some yummy appetizers without a care in the world. You also won’t be guilted in to gobbling down your food to make room for the next guy. It’s the perfect place to be selfish.

No Last Calls and Closing Times

Yep. Although Toronto patios will be open until 2 a.m. for the dreaded last call, if you want to continue enjoying your friends or family at a long awaited gathering, you don’t have to worry about last calls and closing times. People can linger and make up for lost time. Just make sure you keep the music and conversation low, so you don’t disturb your neighbours. Remember it’s outside gatherings only!! Also, make sure people can get home safe in the wee hours of the morning. Have Uber on speed dial.

The Affordable Patio

Toronto cocktails can get pretty expensive, especially if you ahem, plan to have more than one or two. Your own backyard creates the ultimate patio experience where top shelf cocktails appear on the bar menu at prices you can afford. You can stock up the bar cart with your preferred brands without worrying about paying a premium for drinks like you would at the local bars. While no one can shake-up an ice cold martini like Toronto’s finest mixologists, with a little practice you can finesse your technique and watch guests delight in your newfound bar tending skills. Is that with an olive or a twist?

Sharing Your Foodie Love

Your own backyard is the ultimate venue to have a real celebratory feast. Remember the joy of planning your menu, buying a few bottles of wine, and firing up the barbecue to feed the people you love? This is the place where you get your host-with-the-most groove back. Dining al fresco luxuriating over a well-prepared meal paired with the perfect wine proves you’re once again the ultimate entertainer. Chef, take a bow!

So while we all want to embrace life as we once knew it, when it comes to overcoming the Covid summer blues, your own backyard creates the ideal backdrop for entertaining, chilling and grilling.

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