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Given the dedication, Torontonians have to our furry friends it’s no surprise that pet-friendly condos are in incredibly high demand in the city. According to a CBC article from a few months back, there are 4-8 pets per floor in the average Toronto condo building!

Of course not every pet a.k.a dog is an ideal candidate for condo living given the small size of most condo units and their balconies (your high energy Great Dane is likely better off in a house). Also, some condo buildings won’t allow animals period or will have restrictions on the size and amount of animals allowed.

But if your budget, lifestyle or living arrangements make condo living with a dog the best option. Giving your pet access to as many dog-friendly parks as possible is probably high on your list. Fido will thank you for it!

On that note we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Downtown Toronto dog parks, along with the condo buildings within close proximity to them, to help make your search for the perfect pet-friendly pad a bit easier!

Let’s get started:

st. Andrews Playground

Image via Toronto History

St. Andrew’s Playground

One of the most central Downtown Toronto dog parks in the city, St. Andrew’s Playground is walking distance from both the heavily populated King and Queen West neighbourhoods. With a fenced-in off-leash area as well as a playground nearby, it’s playtime for both fur babies AND actual babies. This park also features a water fountain to keep you and your pup hydrated after a heavy ball-throwing session.

Address: 450 Adelaide Street West
Fenced In: Yes

Nearby Condo Buildings

The Brant Park
10 Morrisson
Fashion House
399 Adelaide
525 Richmond
Waterworks (pre-construction)


Image via BlogTO

Image via BlogTO

South Stanley Park

With a large gravel off-leash area, the enclosed facility at this park is quite large – great for bigger dogs who may need more exercise. The park is also equipped with a public washroom and water fountain.

Address: 700 Wellington Street West
Fenced In: Yes

Nearby Condo Buildings
Wellington on the Park
Wellington Square Condos
The Kings Lofts
Citysphere Condominiums
Minto 775
833 West Lofts

Image via Yelp

Image via Yelp

Clarence Square Dog Park

With one of the biggest off-leash areas in the downtown core and a close proximity to a high concentration of condo buildings, Clarence Square Dog Park is one of the busier parks in the city. The ground of the fenced-in area is lined with pebbles, which makes it easy during wet or snowy days – no muddy puddles means easy post-walk cleanup for dog owners! This park is also equipped with 2 drinking fountains.

Address: 25 Clarence Square
Fenced In: Yes

Nearby Condo Buildings
Cityplace Condos
Fly Condos
508 Wellington St West
500 Wellington St West
Soho Condominiums
The Well Condos (Pre-Construction)


Via On The Go Magazine

Via On The Go Magazine

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Be warned – on summer weekend afternoons, this park is PACKED (and for good reason!). Even those without pets can enjoy sitting along the hilltop overlooking the dog park. Affectionately named “The Dog Bowl” by locals, this massive area provides tons of room for pups to socialize and play within the biggest park in downtown. Since this park features a skating rink, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and more, it is fully equipped with multiple washroom facilities and water fountains. However, the dog park itself is not fenced in, so pups will have to be trained and well behaved as not to run outside the confines of the designated dog area.

Address: 790 Queen Street West
Fenced In: No

Nearby Condo Buildings
Trinity Park Lofts
Candy Factory Lofts
Chocolate Company Lofts
Nero Condos

Image via Waterfront Toronto

Image via Waterfront Toronto

Corktown Common

This is one of the newer downtown Toronto dog parks, located nearby the recently developed Canary District neighbourhood. With an enclosed 330 square metres, this large park can easily accommodate the number of pups that reside in the area. The park itself spans 18 acres, and includes sprawling lawns and walking trails, so there’s plenty of space for a long walk after playtime!

Address: 155 Bayview Avenue
Fenced In: Yes

Nearby Condos
Canary Park Condominiums
Canary District Condominiums
Canary Commons (Pre-Construction)

Are you looking to make a move with a pet but don’t know what pet-friendly building you can afford? Give us a shout at 416-291-7372 or email us at We’re happy to tell you everything we know about which areas and buildings will be the best fit for you!


  1. There are so many great places to walk dogs in this city. I just hope that people pick up their dog’s business as some people don’t seem to care.

    • Christine Cowern says:

      We’re big fans of people picking up after their dogs too. It’s common courtesy in our opinion!

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