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What’s On in Toronto This November

November is a sort of shoulder season in Toronto. The best parts of fall (roast turkey, changing leaves and trick-or-treating) belong to October. Christmas mania hasn’t yet taken over.

Fortunately, there’s always something to do in the big city, like these four attendance-worthy events.

Fleetwood Mac returns to Toronto on Nov. 1 to serenade Scotiabank Arena. Legendary member Lindsey Buckingham is absent from the current lineup, but recent reviews say the latest incarnation sounds top-notch. More: Fleetwood Mac

The Royal Winter Fair, now in its 97th year, fills Exhibition Place with agricultural fun from Nov. 1 to 10. Come for the horse show and farm-fresh goodies. Stay for the SuperDogs and RCMP musical ride. More: The Royal Winter Fair

Ho ho ho! The 2019 edition of the Toronto Christmas Market takes over the Distillery District from Nov. 14 to Dec. 22. On offer: mulled wine, hundreds of handcrafted goods, live entertainment and a romantic holiday atmosphere. More: Toronto Christmas Market

The 55th annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition brings its exhibition of the world’s most astounding photographs of the natural world to the ROM on Nov. 23. Featuring animal portraits, urban wildlife and underwater creatures, the show is on until March 29. More: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Toronto Is a Better Place Because of These 3 People

It’s widely known that, as the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is a thriving metropolis. Less well known are some of the people who help to make it the dynamic city it is. Here are three outstanding and inspirational Torontonians who are making a difference.

A great Canadian fashion icon and well-known socialite, Sylvia Mantella is also a businesswoman and Chief Marketing Officer of Mantella Corporation. What’s more, she is one of Canada’s biggest fundraisers and philanthropists. Mantella is a dynamo. She currently sits on 11 committees and boards for non-profit organizations and raises funds for abused children and the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research.

Margaret Atwood is a familiar name to readers around the world, and it’s likely that she is the most influential contributor to Toronto’s rich cultural scene. While her novels are accessible and hugely popular, their themes reflect Atwood’s concern for women’s rights and her wish for a better, fairer world. Indeed, efforts for her latest book to become a movie are in partnership with Equality Now, an organization dedicated to social change “advancing women’s and girls’ rights, because when women and girls, men and boys are treated equally, everyone wins.”

Born and raised in Toronto, John Tory is Toronto’s 65th mayor. Beginning his career as a lawyer who became a political strategist and philanthropist, Tory is one of those reliable, steady leaders who simply gets things done. His campaign literature claimed he “made the city more livable, affordable and functional,” and according to Torontonians, it’s true. Intelligent, pragmatic and socially responsible, Tory makes the city proud.

Should It Stay or Should It Go with You?

Moving is an immense undertaking. Among the myriad tasks on your plate are decisions about what to take with you when you move. Should you bring those living room curtains, or let the new owner enjoy them? Should you try to bring Spidey, your favourite houseplant, to your new home?

These can be tough calls. Following are a few things that most homeowners are better off leaving behind when they move.

Household documents: Do you still have the manual for your refrigerator? Did the furnace you installed last year come with a ten-year warranty? If you have any documents that relate to structural components, utilities, or appliances that are staying with the home, leave these for the new owner. You won’t need them anymore, but the new owners might find them very handy.

Curtains: Sure, you may have chosen the perfect bedroom curtains to match your comforter, but taking curtains with you when you move is usually not worth the hassle. The window coverings aren’t likely to fit on your new set of windows anyway, and buyers typically appreciate when they are included in the price of the home. Even if they want to switch them out eventually, the current curtains will provide privacy in the meantime. And it will give you the opportunity for a decorating fresh start at your new place!

Paint: Do you have a stash of old paint cans from previous renovations? Do not put these in the “go” pile. Often, buyers like to have these on hand to complete touch-ups in the home. Place the cans in a location where the new owners can easily access them. If you discover the buyers do not want the paint, check your local regulations about proper disposal and follow these procedures to get rid of the cans before you move.

Houseplants: If you’re moving a long distance, try to find new homes for your houseplants rather than transport them to your new location. The conditions in a moving truck aren’t conducive to plant life, and the plants are likely to get damaged or die during the move. Consider gifting your plants to your green-thumbed friends and neighbours instead.

Ask an Expert a.k.a. Us!

How do I know if a property is a good deal?

The key to answering this question is a working relationship with a real estate agent.

We can research the market for you to determine a fair price for a property. We will pull “comps” (comparable properties) from the multiple listing service to see what similar properties have sold for in the area. This comparison will also include the prices of other homes currently on the market.

We will review the size, location, and other features of the home to determine what other properties are comparable, then we can figure out the home’s approximate value in the current market.

We can then compare this value to the current asking price to determine if the property is priced too high, just right, or is a good deal. If you decide to move forward with the property, we can also use this information to help you negotiate the best price possible for the home.

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