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We all know that being Canadian means dealing with the harsh winter weather, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take the right steps in order to make our homes warmer without breaking the bank due to hydro bills. To help keep your family warm this winter, here are some helpful tips on how to winterize your home:

The Interior:

Add More Insulation
Keeping your home insulated properly is crucial in keeping the warm air from escaping your home. It will never hurt to use a bit more material to keep that warm air in your home and the cold air out. Try to add more insulation specifically to your attic, garage and basement if possible as these areas of the home tend to release the most heat.

Prepare For Using Your Fireplace
If you plan on using your fireplace throughout the winter on a regular basis, always make sure to have an inspection done on the fireplace before using it to make sure it’s operational and won’t cause any fire or chemical hazards. If you’re not planning on using your fireplace, sealing off the air flow will help prevent any cool air from coming in. Is it a wood burning fireplace? Then make sure your inspector is W.E.T.T. certified.

Having Back Up
The worst thing that can happen in the middle of a winter storm is losing power in your home. Always make sure to have a backup generator somewhere in your home that is easily accessible and fully generated. If you don’t have the money or the space, a portable generator works just as well and is more compact and less costly.

The Furnace
Making sure you have a functioning furnace before winter begins is always extremely important. It’s also recommended that an annual inspection be done by a professional especially if you notice anything unusual like an odd odour or leak. For optimal use, always make sure to check your filters and clean them on a regular basis.

Always keep your thermostat at a comfortable temperature. A minimum of 18 degrees will keep your home warm enough throughout the winter. If using the proper winterization techniques on your home and keeping your thermostat at a comfortable temperature, you should be feeling toasty in no time!

The Exterior:

Seal Your Windows
Often cold air will get in your home through drafts in your windows. Seal any cracks you may find around your windows to prevent any air from coming in. Caulking is a cheap material you can use that is available at any local hardware store.

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After a long fall season your gutters will be clogged with leaves, branches and other things that can cause blockage and leaks. Always make sure to clean your gutters before it starts to snow as this can cause freezing and leakage that can end up in your home. An extra precaution is to install gutter guards which will prevent anything from getting in the gutters.

Tree Trimming
Tree branches in the winter have a tendency to snap and break off due to the cold weather, especially when wet. This can lead to damage of your home, car or even family. It’s always best to trim your trees of any lose or frail branches before the winter weather arrives to prevent as little damage as possible by snapping branches.

It’s important to make sure all of your hoses are drained before the cold weather arrives. If not drained properly this can cause freezing and bursting and in return a major renovation project. The simplest way to drain your hoses is to turn the water off from inside your home and then turn the water on from the outside. Any access water will drain right out.

Storm Windows/Insulation Film
Having storm windows in your home will help prevent any leaks or cracks in your windows that may be pushing warm air out of your home and cold air in to your home. Sometimes this option can be costly so there is an alternative in Insulation Film. This is a plastic type film that is placed on your windows. Though the film is not as effective as Storm Windows, they will help decrease air flow through the windows.

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