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We’ve all heard both sides of the argument: which place is better to live and raise a family, the city or the suburbs? One offers more bang for your buck and the other offers more accessibility and services. To end this debate once and for all we’re giving you the reasons why the City is a great place not only to live but to raise a family.

More people now than ever are deciding to live in the city. Why? To start, the number of amenities that are available in almost every part of the city. Within walking distance of almost any neighbourhood you’ll find schools, banks, shopping centres and public transit! And if you don’t like the options available to you, you’ll always find another option of choice nearby.

The amounts of job opportunities that are available in the city are a huge factor as to why people choose to live in the city over the suburbs. There are more jobs available to the public and more opportunities for people seeking a career in a specific field. The average person’s salary in the city is more than someone in the suburbs and it’s generally cheaper to commute to and from work with less travel time! And if you’re taking public transit to work, you can forget all about those pesky car and insurance payments!

Entertainment is something that draws people to the city because of it’s mass amounts of variety of things to do and see. Even though they may not admit it, even suburban residents like to visit the city from time to time to take in a show or have a night out. You can go out and see live bands, musicals and plays on almost any given night and anywhere in the city! And with any big city comes many professional sports teams that create weekly entertainment for thousands of locals as well as tourists. There’s never a shortage of events going on in the city and it’s definitely never boring!

Culture is one of the most obvious differences between city life and suburban life. You’ll find people of many cultures and backgrounds in all parts of the city. It’s a great place to learn firsthand about other cultures and ethnicities with so much available at your fingertips. Many multi-cultural festivals, events and community gatherings happen all year round and help educate the public on other heritages. As well, you’ll always find some great food from all over the world in almost any part of the city. Craving some Tandoori Chicken? Sashimi? Spanakopita? You got it!

Every city has something special about it, whether it’s the food, culture or the people. Just consider what a city has to offer you and you’re family and you won’t think twice about it!

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