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January Market Recap: “Condo Prices Remain Hot Despite Cold Weather.” If you haven’t checked out our latest market report, click here!

What’s On in Toronto This February

Happy February! It may be the shortest month of the year, but Toronto’s social calendar is overflowing with a slew of events.

The National Bridal Show takes over the Enercare Centre Feb. 1-3. Brides-to-be receive free admission to the show, where dozens of vendors, venues and sources of wedding inspiration await. More: The National Bridal Show

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Montreal-founded circus company Cirque Éloize presents Hotel at the Bluma Appel Theatre. Enjoy the stories of a hotel’s transient travelers told through a combination of acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music at one of 11 shows happening between Feb. 6 and 16. More: Hotel by Cirque Éloize 

Foodies, rejoice: Winterlicious 2019 is on until Feb. 7. Dozens of the city’s top restaurants offer special menus and pricing, making it a perfect time to discover a new spot. Reservations are often required; best to call ahead. More: Winterlicious 2019

The public art installations of Winter Stations enliven the wintry landscape of Woodbine Beach from Feb. 18 to April 1. Explore how artists transform lifeguard stations into works of art that convey the theme of migration. More: Winter Stations

Fans of CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek will want to snag tickets to “Up Close & Personal,” a live show happening at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Feb. 25. The cast will be answering questions and dishing up behind-the-scenes stories. More: Schitt’s Creek

New Option for East End Hits Housing the Market.

A new townhouse development is grabbing headlines in Toronto.

In spite of fluctuating real estate prices and an uncertain stock market, the condo market is hot, especially in Riverdale, Toronto’s up-and-coming east end.

The east end used to be a bit run down, packed with tired apartment buildings. But what used to be just isn’t anymore. In fact, Toronto Life recently listed north Riverdale as #2 in its “Ultimate Neighbourhood Ranking.”

With proximity to downtown and new, desirable residential options popping up, this area seems to be on the rise.

Elevate at Logan is one of the most recent developments in this transformation.

This project is put forth by Kaleido Developments, a relatively new Toronto real estate company whose goal is to build unique, low-rise communities in the city. With luxury appliances and state-of-the-art features, Elevate at Logan meets that goal, and it could be a great addition to this stylish neighbourhood.

Elevate at Logan boasts restaurants, upscale shops and parks. Plus, it offers theatres, scenic trails and specialty grocery stores. Indeed, to some it sounds practically perfect.

Is this just one development in a new trend for the east end? Will this area prove to be the hot spot for future investors? Only time will tell.

Moving? Avoid These Major Mistakes.

You might say that moving involves a lot of … moving parts. It can be difficult to coordinate all the aspects of pulling up stakes and putting down roots in a new place. Considering these challenges, it’s no surprise mistakes are made. From minor inconveniences to major disasters, moving blunders make the entire process even harder. Here are some of the most common missteps to avoid during your next move.

Making it a DIY project: Many moves can be handled by the homeowner, but not all. Be honest with yourself (and your friends). Do you really have the strength, time, and skill to pack, load, unload, and unpack all of your belongings? Consider any fragile or valuable items. Keep in mind any oversized belongings. Movers come with a cost, but so does trying to handle a project beyond your capabilities. Personal injury and property damage often end up costing more than movers would have.

Allotting the wrong amount of time: How long will it take you to pack? Many people under- or overestimate this time period. If you don’t give yourself enough time, you will be rushed and stressed when moving day arrives and you’re not ready. If you start too early, you may have to unpack and repack things that you need before moving day. A good rule of thumb is to count the number of bedrooms in your home, then add one. This is the number of days it should take you to pack. If you have a lot of items that will require careful wrapping and storage, add another day.

Skipping the purge: Moving is the ideal time to get rid of things you no longer need. As you pack, make three piles: trash, donate, and keep. This requires a little effort and organization, but the process will make your move more efficient and will save you time, money, and hassles in the long run.

Forgetting to call us: When it’s time to move, we can be one of your most valuable resources. Our client concierge service includes connecting you to the moving companies that we know and love and helping coordinate your move. Don’t forget – we’ve been through all this before!

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What is earnest money?

When sellers receive an offer on their home, they want to know the buyer is serious. To demonstrate the genuineness of their offer, buyers provide earnest money.

This bank draft or certified cheque typically equals five percent of the purchase price. It is given to the sellers with the offer. If the offer is accepted, this “deposit” helps reserve the home for the buyer.

These funds are deposited into a trust account at the listing brokerage until closing, when they are applied to the purchase of the home. If the deal does not go through, the seller returns the earnest money to the buyer. However, if the buyer backs out of agreed-upon terms, the money may not be returned.

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