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The Real Estate Facts:

If one thing has changed in Kensington Market over the last 30 years, it’s the Real Estate Market. Homes in Kensington market are very diverse as some are older style houses and others are newly constructed condos. For a once ‘working class’ neighborhood, Kensington home prices can now range from the  high 300, 000’s to millions of dollars. It has also become one of the more desired areas to live in the downtown area.

Located between Bathurst Street and Spadina Street, just south of College Street to Dundas Street, Kensington Market has been one of the city’s most treasured destinations for locals as well as tourists for many years.

Why has it been such an admired and loved destination for so long? We’ll tell you why!

The Shopping – You’ll find almost anything you’re looking for! Kensington Market has an array of shops from second-hand stores to bakeries and fruit markets.  The market provides novelty items and shops that can’t be found in other parts of the city. So if you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind item, there’s no better place to be!

The Entertainment – In the last decade more restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs have found themselves moving into the area due to the trendy reputation it’s gained. There is no “type” of establishment as many are inspired by different cultures and backgrounds. Occasionally you’ll find local bands playing on the street or in front of local shops. If you’re lucky, you may see some steel drum players on a hot summer day and who doesn’t love steel drums?

The Landmarks – Kensington Market was first established in the 1800’s, so as you can imagine there are so many beautiful old buildings and landmarks to see. One in particular is the old No. 8 Hose Station. Though it was gutted from the inside in 1972, the building was rebuilt to the exact form as it was before the fire and still stands as one of the most beautiful landmarks in the market.

Pedestrian Sundays – Last but not least, one of the biggest draws to Kensington Market in the last decade has been Pedestrian Sundays. Every summer from noon to the evening on the last Sunday of every month the streets are blocked off to all cars and motor vehicles and given to the pedestrians! This is when more street performers, musicians, and others come out to enjoy the sun and the market in an almost party like atmosphere. You can enjoy corn on the cob, ice cream and a variety of different items right on the street!

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