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Pets – they require a lot of time and energy but also deserve to have a comfortable home as much as we do. People tend to forget that they actually spend more time at home than their owners the majority of the time! When planning any decorating or renovations, it’s always important to keep our pets in mind.

Here are some easy tips on how to make your home more comfortable for yourself as well as your pet.

Basket of Toys

Especially for dogs, it is always good to keep your pet distracted with toys to prevent any chewing or damage to personal items or furniture. A basket helps keep these toys clean as well as keeping your home tidy.

Bed Time

All pets love having a bed to call their own. It gives them their own space as well as a sense of security. It’s always good to purchase a bed with a removal cover. This helps keep the bed clean for your pet as well as your home.


It is always a good idea to choose items such as tile or hardwood when renovating your flooring at home. Carpeting collects fur, dirt and allergens that are not easy to clean. This will help keep the air clean for you and your pet.

Paint Choices

Flat paint stains easily. With pets (especially dogs), this can lead to issues with stains on your walls from drool and wetness from outside. Satin paints have a gloss finish that will help make it easier to wipe any marks off of your walls.

Cleaning Products

Whenever you use a cleaning product in your home, your pet is consuming those chemicals by breathing them in or absorbing them through their paws. Ideally using a no bleach product or vinegar & water would be best. This will be more beneficial not only for your pet’s health but your own.

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