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Real estate professionals have long debated the importance of open houses. In a Seller’s market, where there are more Buyers than available properties and properties sell quickly, open houses are a great way to maximum the number of people that see the property in a short period of time.

The most important open house is the first weekend that your home goes on the market. Here are some tips to ensure your home is ready for it’s time to shine!

Put away your valuables and anything you don’t want people to see. This includes your laptop, ipad and credit card statements! We want to focus on your home and not whether you’re a mac or a pc!

Make sure your home is ready and that any necessary staging has been done before the open house. Wash your floors, fluff your pillows and dust your window sills!

Leave your home! Just as with showings of your property it’s also best that you’re not present during the open house. As a seller you may experience hurt feelings from questions or comments made by potential buyers at the open house!

Are you thinking of listing your home and wondering how an open house may help? Contact Us if you’d like some advice.