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What’s On in Toronto in June.

Summer is almost here, and with its impending arrival, Torontonians can once again look forward to finally ditching their jackets, lounging on patios, and, of course, enjoying these upcoming events and festivals.

The city will be transformed into an artist’s playground from June 6 to 24 for Luminato 2018. Every year, the arts and cultural festival takes over theatres and public spaces across Toronto for a massive showcase of artistic talent. Whether you love dance, film, music, or theatre, there’s a Luminato event for you. More: Luminato 2018

NXNE will take place all across the city from June 8 to 17. This annual10 – day summer festival is considered the city’s leading music event, featuring live musical performances, comedy shows, art installations, and a free three-day music festival at Yonge and Dundas. More:NXNE

Tacos, guacamole, and churros-is your attention piqued yet? Then you don’t want to miss Taco Fest at Ontario Place from June 15 to 17! Enjoy all things Mexican with some of the city’s best chefs at this electric event. This is one fiesta you don’t want to siesta through. More: Taco Fest

The Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto returns June 22 to 24, and this year’s on-land and on-water programming is one you can’t miss! There’ll be a water-themed circus show and a waterfront artisanal food and drink festival, and, for the first time in 25 years, the Royal Canadian Navy’s HMCS Oriole tall ship will sail into Toronto. More: The Redpath Waterfront Festival Toronto

$9B Funding Slotted to Boost Transit in T.O.

Toronto’s transit system will get a much-needed boost after the provincial and federal governments announced that they will team up to give the city close to $9 billion to put toward transit infrastructure.

At a March 14 press conference, the provincial and federal and infrastructure ministers signed an agreement that will see the federal government devoting $8.34 billion to public transit projects across Ontario over the next 10 years. More than half of that amount, or $4.89 billion, will go to Toronto. To add to this, Queen’s Park announced that it will match the feds’ contribution to the city with $4.04 billion.

“The city of Toronto is getting a significant amount of money,” federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi said at the conference. “Toronto’s ridership is larger, and we want the resources to go where the resources are needed.” The nearly $9 billion investment will go toward high-priority transit projects including the Scarborough subway extension, SmartTrack, the subway relief line, Eglinton East LRT, and the Waterfront LRT network.

In a written statement, Mayor John Tory thanked the two governments for the generous investment in the city’s transit. “After years of delays and divisive debates, we are finally getting on with expanding our transit system,” he said. “We are getting on with working together to build up our cities.”

Bob Chiarelli, Ontario’s Infrastructure Minister, reports this is “the largest infrastructure commitment in the province’s history.” Details on how the nearly $9 billion will be distributed between projects have yet to be determined and announced.

Learn the Language of Lighting to Enhance Your Living Space.

A beautifully lit home is warm and welcoming. A distinctive glow can set the scene, enhance a room, highlight a detail, or make a workspace downright workable. But lighting has a language all its own.

Do you know the lingo? Flush, recessed, pendant, starbursts, pots … the list goes on. Where should you begin?

In a recent houselogic article, columnist Emily Dunham writes, “… lighting can be a bear to understand. The world has its own language (know what lumens and Kelvins are?), and increasing costs can make decisions intimidating.” Dunham notes that LED lights can cost as much as $35, and Apple sells a new number that goes for about $65.

But with careful planning, you can light up your life and go easy on the budget. Here’s a quick lighting language lesson to get started.

Kelvin is a scale of measurement for the “colour” a light produces.

Wattage tells you how much electricity a bulb consumes.

Lumens are the amount of light or brightness you get from a bulb.

The next important lesson is lighting layers. Since every room has different lighting requirements, it’s important to think in these three layers: ambient, task and accent.

Ambient is the general lighting in a room, often coming from overhead. Task lighting illuminates an area where a particular task is completed. Accent lighting highlights something to which you want to draw attention.

Think of the activities you do in each room and consider the options. For example, in the kitchen, you’ll want to avoid overhead lights that create shadows on the counters. Instead, choose side lights or under-the-cabinet lights to illuminate the tasks at hand.

The size of your room also dictates the lighting you need. It’s wise to use at least two types of lighting to create the ideal effect.

Now that you know the basics, go shed some light!

Ask an Expert a.k.a. Us!

Do I have to stage my home?

Home staging prepares a private residence to make it appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers. The goal is to help the home sell as quickly as possible at the best possible price. With this in mind, it is often a good idea to stage your home. A professional stager will recommend what items should be removed and what décor and furnishings should be added. Staging removes distracting clutter or personal items and creates a clean, inviting atmosphere. The stager’s finishing touches will help create a space that buyers can envision as their own. If your home is vacant, it may be particularly difficult for buyers to see it as livable space. The empty rooms can come across as cold and uninviting. Staging it with rented items can give your home greater appeal. If you are considering putting your home on the market, let us know. We can advise you on whether staging would be appropriate for your property.

Header photo via Luminato Festival.

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